walking my own plank and writing about it.


i took the words scallywag and waif and married them. i feel like a scallywaif — playfully mischievous. waif = i’m tiny in stature, but that is beside the point. i feel small in comparison to the huge universe that seduces me with all of its mind blowing whims. i’m the girl who likes to roll up her knickers and play in the mud. i am easily charmed by the heat and designs of fire. and the wind is a dear friend of mine that sweeps my hair in all the right places. i’m a dreamer, but at the same time i’m big on living in the moment. i love change. i am not the same girl i was last week or even two minutes ago. you can call it “reinventing”, but i don’t see it in those terms. i hate cliches, but life really IS a journey. Each event, circumstance and person i come across leaves an impression on my soul and it changes who i am. although i have had several blogs — sev-a-ral blogs, this is the first blog that is just for me. my candid little crazy ass self is going to cut loose. i’m blogging for me this time. my therapy. my sanity. welcome.

9 thoughts on “walking my own plank and writing about it.

  1. I look forward to following your blog and getting to know one another better. Blessings my friend… ~c~

  2. YOU ARE ONE AWESOME LADY MY FRIEND! Keep on evolving that’s what I love about you! XOXO

  3. YAY!! I might be a member of your scallywaif clan. Love everything you’ve said here. 🙂 I thrive on change as well. I’m very connected to the earth, I’m discovering. I love my life; I love living my life, I love the adventure. You’re a heart-sister! I love it!

  4. annie! im so glad we “met”! come go walk the plank with me! arg! i enjoy your comments on gardening, grapefruit, whole food, earth, etc. you seem very grounded…haha, get it?

  5. Grounded! I love it! Yeah, I’m totally walkin’ the plank with you.

    I was gonna say too, that … I’ve been thinking about what I commented a bit ago about trusting people to not walk up and judge me. And you know … right now I think I have sort-of the luxury of being able to filter almost all of my life right now. I may not be able to do that indefinitely. I’m sure I’ll have PLENTY of rants if/when that happens. The hardest part about this free life so far is letting judgmental assholes have the freedom to be judgmental assholes. sigh. But you have to, right? Because you can’t change them, and in the end it’s really your own peace of mind that’s at stake. But still …. Sure wish I had some almighty duck tape sometimes.

  6. Me and my wife Erie have sat here and read your blog from top to here. Wow! I realized that there’s some similarity in both of your beings after reading this. Both of us did. Erie’s a trip. We talk in meow 40% of the time, either in English Meow or Tagalog meow and understand what each other is meowing approximately 98% of the time. It’s taken years to develop. She has a very whimsical spirit. I call her Pusah, which is cat in tagalog. It sounds like poo-sah. She reminds me of a cat. We live a very unique lifestyle. We have no television. We learn and entertain each other. We would love to be official Scallywags! You’re site rocks and Erie plans to make Scallywaif’s skid mark remover later this week!!!! Thanks for the inspiration and for being your own individual. Chris Messer aka drumchild.

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