candle magick formations


These are some of my personal candle formations that formed into magickal images all on their own! some were done solitarily and some with close friends! i love and treasure these candles! I always make my intentions (spells) for the highest good of all and harming none! thanks for the looksy! May this flo + go wherevz is needed! xxoo

It’s my dried herb sugar skull


Last year I crafted this dried herb mix3d m3dia sugar skull 4 my charming MetroPAD.

It inspires 3 things in my life.
1. Appreciation 4 my ancestors who had a love and knowledge of herbs + gardening.
2. A continued love 2 take every day things, such as herbs, and put my own unique twist on it!
3. A vision 4 myself 2  consciously think out of the box because the truth is, there is NO box!

2. + 3. are kinda the same ‚̧

~S~ xxo