how to cuss like a SAILOR

i’ve been thinking about my colorful language lately. i’ve also been observing people since…well… almost forever. i am fully convinced that it was destined for me to see things from a completely different perspective — my blessing and no pun intended, my curse. on the subject of cussing, people who pat themselves on the back because they use substitutes like dang and crap, but continue to beat people down verbally with criticism and snide remarks are pretty much full of shit. spare me your clean version of shit, especially when it’s obvious that your heart is filled with venom toward any person who may intimidate you… for whatever reason.  it doesn’t bother me if my son says damn or hell, but it would bother me if  he actually sent a curse to someone. and my definitions of cursing are as followed: being negative toward someones enthusiasm, tearing another person down to make himself feel “on top”, spreading gossip, drawing conclusions based on a tidbit of info thus destroying another person’s character. stirring up unnecessary shit because you have nothing else better to do. these things are not ok. this is real cursing. this is hateful talk. this is the dangerous stuff.  it peeves me that so-called dignified types curse people up and down leaving bloody marks with their mouths, yet turn around and pat themselves on the back because they don’t “cuss”. my response other than this here blog entry is: dang. that sure is crappy, you big meanie heads!
meanie heads = shit heads = dip shidiots.

walking my own plank and writing about it.


i took the words scallywag and waif and married them. i feel like a scallywaif — playfully mischievous. waif = i’m tiny in stature, but that is beside the point. i feel small in comparison to the huge universe that seduces me with all of its mind blowing whims. i’m the girl who likes to roll up her knickers and play in the mud. i am easily charmed by the heat and designs of fire. and the wind is a dear friend of mine that sweeps my hair in all the right places. i’m a dreamer, but at the same time i’m big on living in the moment. i love change. i am not the same girl i was last week or even two minutes ago. you can call it “reinventing”, but i don’t see it in those terms. i hate cliches, but life really IS a journey. Each event, circumstance and person i come across leaves an impression on my soul and it changes who i am. although i have had several blogs — sev-a-ral blogs, this is the first blog that is just for me. my candid little crazy ass self is going to cut loose. i’m blogging for me this time. my therapy. my sanity. welcome.