Relationship Question


when you know that a relationship is destined to end, as it is toxic in nature, do you completely sever all ties asap or do you just quietly tip-toe backwards?

i am a severing of all ties type. but only after i have tip-toed backwards – to no avail.

it took me 40 years of dragging things on to finally give myself permission to honor myself in this way.

just wondering how my sweet soul-mateys do it.


8 thoughts on “Relationship Question

  1. Hi there! And great question, by the way! Severing ties, to me, allows you to move forward without the energy attachments. Unless you truly step away, you are, in some way, shape, or form, ‘attached’ to this person. In this way, it is utterly impossible to truly get to what/who you want. My little two cents worth! Cher xo

  2. I totally agree with you! it took me awhile to realize this! Other peoples energy and what they can attempt to project on us (if we allow it) can have profound effect on our well-being. Nicely put @seaangel4444! thank you so much 4 your thoughts!! ❤

  3. I’ve been in this situation very, very, recently. A five year relationship ended and I was faced with a choice; cut ties or try to be friends. I would love to say I cut ties and I honestly tried to but when you spend a long time connected to someone you have to deal with the hundreds of connections you’ve built over the years. I’m almost forced to tip toe backwards as fast as I can, there are too many issues both financial and emotional to settle before I can truly step away. For me it’s definitely a process, a journey that starts with tip toes and breaks into a sprint in time.

  4. I don’t know. I had a cluster of relationships end catastrophically at once recently and I’m still very raw from it. The two relationships from the group that aren’t precisely ended might as well be, really, since the other two don’t want to even admit my right to feel wronged.

    My love points out that few people on their deathbed say they’re glad to have ended a relationship over a point of principle (as this has been), but I don’t see where reconciliation is possible unless they show at least some sign of regret.

  5. Sever ties. I am the kind of person that takes FOREVER to let someone all the way in, then holds on once they’re there until all possibility of resolution has been exhausted. Then cut ties 100% and never look back. Kind of an “all or nothing” approach. Now if someone is a “kind of” friend and isn’t that deep yet and I start to see signs of character that I don’t respect, then I will back away slowly. That’s a potential part of the “slowly letting someone in” phase. 🙂

  6. i totally agree! we use to drag things on in our earlier days because we tried to show compassion and love, etc. blek. there are people who don’t want compassion and love. they want drama, energy and to overpower. no thank you. thank you for your comments!

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