The history of our MetroPAD

I am always very interested in finding out the history of the homes where I live. I like to know what has happened in the particular place I will be resting, connecting and living. I want to know what kind of energy to expect, what kind of energy to clear or possibly keep & work with…


This is our first time to ever live in a high-rise apartment. Our dream of traveling in our rv didn’t happen in the time line we were expecting. Perhaps if we held out a little longer it would have. I’m sure of it. But honestly, we were over it. Right after we videotaped the reasons why we were choosing to live a simple life in an rv, some sort of veil was lifted. It’s almost like we needed to have a document, and in our case a video to express how we look at life and material things. Then after that little video was ready to rock, POOF…We changed directions. I LOVE & celebrate that we have the freedom to do that.

Because our life is ALL about experiencing new things, this is a totally new one for us. Never thought we would be the Jeffersons. Never thought I would have to take an elevator wherever I go. Not even a year ago, I would take the flight of stairs over taking an elevator. I was terrified of those confined creepy things. But I had a dream about 6 months ago that must have rewired that part of my brain…Maybe I’ll post about it soon…anyhoo…


The Metropole. This building was built in 1966. It was an Exxon building. It was the computer techy part of Exxon. How do you like THAT kind of energy?! In 2010 the buyers converted the building to create luxury apartments. And boy did they do a mighty fine job at that! It looks like they have kept true to the 1966 swanky look of that day. The colors, the decor all have that late 60’s appeal, but with what would be considered modern for that time. When we first walked into this building, I immediately connected with the retro charm.

This is the tv room. This is a common area for all residents. Above the fireplace hangs a flat screen tv. We watched Big Bang Theory last night here since we don’t have cable yet. And now I am starting to wonder if we should even get it…


This is a lounge, another common area. It over looks the pool & hot tub. On the other side of the fireplace is a kitchen.


This is the business center. Macs and snazzy chairs.


Levi loves this room…

& Skipper is happy that he gets to walk to work from here and it only takes him 5 minutes. We literally live across the street from his work @ Greenway Plaza.


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