The Burbs – 7 sin-ton-says

The Burbs. Radass. 80’s. Flick. FYI This aint a movie review. It’s me doing my 7 sin-ton-says. (7 sentences – for people who can’t read code)

 Why do I like this movie?

1. Welp, cause it awesome. It’s dark and it’s funny. I can smugly relate to that.

2. The sardine scene kills my funny femur bone every time.

3. Every neighbor in the burbs has a set of issues. I’m all about issues right now. I think it’s healthy and wise to admit to having issues. I am about sick of fake flakes as of late. But that’s for another blog entry….

 4. Tom Hanks / Ray Peterson is obsessed. I can relate to obsessive behavior.

5. Ray Peterson’s obsessive behavior finally pays off. I can relate to that, too.

6. I think Corey Fieldman  Feldman was actually in a place of liking himself in this film. Which is a really cool thing for him.

7. A secret: I may love unicorns, orchids and most things that sparkle, but I have always felt like a Klopek at heart.


2 thoughts on “The Burbs – 7 sin-ton-says

  1. your new layout looks amazeballs! (here comes the fangirl side of myself- brace yourself,) and actually, your whole self is an inspiration and when i grow up, i wanna be just like you- which is to say, you helped me embrace the magic in life and remind me that i don’t have to put aside the playfulness and imagination that i enjoyed so much from childhood. rock on sista girl!

  2. Why, thanks, Skye! You are a magical little doll yourself! Never grow up, just grow wise — as you are already on the path of doing so! Warm whimsy days to you, friend!

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