Tiny Titanic Tidbits

I feel privy-ledged that I had the opportunity to co-mingled with the fanciful artifacts from the RMS Titanic. Before we entered the exhibit, we were issued a boarding pass. Mine: Miss Ellen Hocking. Age:21 From Cornwall England. 2nd Class. Ellen was traveling to New York State where she was to marry George Hambly of Schenectady.
7 things I have in common with Miss Ellen Hocking
1. She was a Scorpio. Me too, my Sun sign anyway
2. She was a girl with dark features. Me too.
3. She got married when she was 21. Me too.
4. She was traveling to another country with her mom. Did that lots.
5. She had a premonition. During the voyage Ellen thought she heard a bird/cock crowing as she was falling asleep, a sign of impending disaster in Cornish Folklore. I am a person of signs, folklore.
6. She was traveling 2nd class.
7. She was one of the lucky ones who survived.
I bought a trinket. A turquoise bracelet with a piece of coal charm that was actually on the Titanic.
Additional muse-sings
~ I freaking LOVE the White Star line logo. Simple. Nice.
~ I think the tiles used in the bathrooms in 3rd class were much prettier than the ones used in first class.
~ The vials of perfume by the creator Adolphe Saalfeld is kwite peachy.
German-born chemist Adolphe Saalfeld. He was traveling on the Titanic to New York in hopes of developing a new line of scents. He survived the sinking, but his samples were lost. Found 2-1/2 miles beneath the ocean’s surface, many samples amazingly still contained their oils.
Legacy is the Adolphe/Titanic inspired perfume. I tested it and was pleased that it wasn’t just a nice novelty gift shop perfume. It really smells nice. “Legacy 1912 eau de parfum surrounds you with the fragrance of delicate lemon and neroli, alongside blushing rose and warm, sheer amber. A testament to the enduring nature of history.”
My next entry will be about my Titanic SHE-rows. Stay tuned, Scally-maidens & Scally-gentz!

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