cream or incense with your coffee?


some people take cream with their coffee. i take incense with mine. and yes, i consider myself a “coffee drinker” even if mine does have tons of chocolate bathing in it, so back off… i haven’t had my coffee yet… i have created ANOTHER daily ritual for myself. funny ironic cause i use to hate tradition, but now that i have been coming up with my own, and understanding the meanings behind what i am doing — i have become quite the little free-spirited tradition making hussy. incense and coffee in the morning. i don’t know what it is, but even tho my body feels obstinately tired and my conscious mind seems flippant and foggy. my subconscious mind is still going strong on its very own wanderlust trip. it is like my brain is still in dreamland somewhere. and i just so happen to be the type of person who embraces this sort of thing. i don’t want to shake it off and move on. i do not think that would be wise. i do not want to miss out on something life-changing because i am busy doing cookie cutter motions in the morning. dream land is more of a reality for me. my authentic universe. so i am thinking: dear scallywaif, drink some coffee, wake the hell up, and get in touch with whatever messages your dreams are trying to tell you. light some incense, be still, and listen. wake up enough to make some sense out of it and be creative today with what has been brought to mind. i also spend this time reading and writing out whatever has been made reality– like right now.

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