This oracle reading

Means the universe 2 me!
Wishing my readers  heaps of beautiful magic + bliss on their divine life path too!


Now that my mind is clear


i am realizing how all the thyme i wasted on facebook contributed to my becoming a lazy thinker.

bloggers have something to say.

ideas to think about.

and in this space, there are no nosey-ass in-laws meddling + gossiping about your life.

My Book of Scallywaif

My Book of Scallywaif

1. Leather journal that smells divine.

2. Magically used to write out my intentions, goals, wishes, desires, and other crafty banter.

3. I saw this Xact journal a few months back and wanted it. To the max.

4. X-statik to now have it.

5. Love the unlined thick papers snuggled deep inside the bind.

6. This journal is a great match with incense wafting in the air.

7. After this blog entry, I am going to write, play and get intimate with my new journal friend.