Now that my mind is clear


i am realizing how all the thyme i wasted on facebook contributed to my becoming a lazy thinker.

bloggers have something to say.

ideas to think about.

and in this space, there are no nosey-ass in-laws meddling + gossiping about your life.

behold the magical power of taking baby steps!

i didn’t like how much time i was wasting using social media so i deactivated my facebook account temporarily. it’s been a week since i’ve been on fb – which is HUGE for me.

i did open an instagram account. i used it a lot last week in place of fb, but still not as often. #babysteps

the past 2 day i am finding that i have no desire to really be on instagram either. #awesome

i still plan on using fb and instagram in the future, but right now i am feeling content putting my focus and thyme into my on-line sanctuary, my blog. ❤ i believe when i do log on2 social media again, things are going to be very different. #sigh

#babysteps #magic