Clearing YuCKY Clutter + Raising the Vibes in YOUR Hom3

you are feeling a little off, unsettled and off kilter lately.

there is a churning in your belly that’s been trying to get your attention.  friendly unseen forces have whispered, clear out the negative vibes, sweet thang. it’s thyme 2 create confident shifts in your home, in your space, and in your beautiful life. it’s thyme 4 peaceful + luminescent change. 

you may ask, where do i start?

it starts with the intention.

you are already on the path to breaking up musky clouds and unwanted vibes because you are aware of your need. magically rad!

so take in that peaceful positive breath you’ve needed, let it fill your lungs, and then slowly let it out. yes, now. know that you are well on your way!

the practice of clearing + creating new vibes in my life + metropad are a familiar way of life 4 m3. just like breathing.

i will never claim to be an authority on anything. my way of doing something is not the only way. you have your own creative mojo swirling about that needs to be expressed in your own unique charming way!  you are welcome 2 take what you like from my scallywaif cupboard of trix and leave the rest. add your own beautiful mojo and have FUN!

1. make your statement

the first thing i do when i know it’s time 2 change the vibes around my home and life is 2 make a verbal + written statement. i always make my statement as if it has already happened. example: “thank you, divine spirit that new clear happy vibes surround me now!” i make my statement with divine authority while standing in my right to take charge and shift the energy in my home.

photo (47)x

2.  light it up! candles, sage, incense

sage is a beautiful herb that worx like a charm 4 clearing out bad energy. i light the sage and swirl it around myself first. i start near my crown and work down to my feet. i try to be careful not to let the burning sage get too close to my hair and body 4 obvious reasons. be wise, but sage! while i’m saging myself, i repeat my affirmation. thank you, divine spirit that new clear happy vibes surround me now!

next i start at the back of my metropad and swirl the smudge stick in figure 8 (infinity) motions. i ask my angels and guides to be with me, to be in my home, to clear and protect and raise the vibes. i go into every room and every closet with my sage. i tell the old energy to neutralize and to leave my home in a peaceful and loving way harming none. i see this process as a spiritual sweep. i continue smudging until i feel at peace that the smudging work is done. go with your gut.

incense before i light my incense, i imagine a big bright bubble of protection around my metropad. i see it in my mind’s eye. my home is safe + protected. i know that only good vibes are in my space. i light my incense 2 seal the deal. now i enjoy the show! have you ever watched incense work it’s magic in a room?

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3. eliminate clutter

now it’s thyme 2 physically clean house. i start throwing out old things that no longer serve me. i physically sweep and clean my metropad. if you want 2 make your own natural cleaning spray, you can buy essential oils that resonate with you. mix them with water in a spray bottle. when i’m cleaning the house to change the vibes, i like using sage + lemongrass + cedar + eucalyptus oil to clean. there are so many oils to choose and what worx 4 me may not be what you are needing at the thyme.  so go with your own magical flow!

photo (49)sweep

4. enchant your home

i love bringing in magical gifts from nature 2 raise the vibes and create beauty in my spaces. gemstones + shells + leaves + feathers all do it 4 me! i have a few sacred spaces around the metropad where i display my charms. having beautiful items that are symbolic totally raise my vibes. go on a nature walk asap and find trinkets you can use to bring charm into your space. again, go with your own magical mojo flow and have fun!

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Do YOUR thang YOUR way. harm 2 none. live and let live!