How 2 make your very own Back The FUCK OFF Mojo Bag!



when enough is enough and you are DONE with the dumbfuck pathetic dweebs who strive to be in a pissing contest with the littlest of women, it’s thyme 2 create your very own Back The Fuck Off Mojo Bag! it’s thyme 2 Repel those sorry-ass bastards from your space! you owe them absolootly nothing. But you do owe yourself peace of mind and healthy connections. so let’s get to it!



Here’s what U will need:

a pouch or drawstring bag of some sort

Some herbs: Devil’s Claw, Parsley Root & Mugwort – these herbs are known to protect and ward off negative energy! you can purchase these at mountain rose herbs. i have posted a link at the end of this post.

Some Oils: a few drops of Black Pepper Essential Oil – it smells delish and gets folks a steppin’ out of your space! you can purchase this oil at mountain rose herbs, too!

Gemstone: Hematite – a grounding stone that wards off negative energy.

A voice: permission 2 be angry. it’s allowed! cuss like a sailor – to acknowledge to yourself that you have been hurt or feel used, etc. But also be sure to acknowledge to yourself that you have learned a dynamic lesson and you can be grateful to your dumbfuck for helping you see this dark area that needs to be brought to light!

Self Forgiveness: a handwritten note 2 yourself that expresses self forgiveness 100% and self love 100%. i think the hardest part of being hurt by someone is because we feel like we allowed it. we were vulnerable when we should have been wise. we are more pissed off at ourselves than we are our dumbfucks. we need to forgive ourselves, and our dumbfucks and just move the hell on.

after you gather your supplies, place all of these items in your mojo bag and keep it with you!

You may notice a shift in your circle of friends. people who have less than nice intentions toward you will quickly fall away from your space. you will also start to attract people who are of a brighter and higher vibration into your mix. you  may notice that you will no longer feel attracted to people who once tickled your fancy. but your attraction to other quality people may begin to grow. allow this shift to happen for your highest good!



May this flow + go wherevz is needed!

~S~ xxo